About Us


Raw materials that are mainly based on organic agriculture are among the cocktail of active ingredients and formulas of the La Rose des Sables range, as well as natural innovative elements, - Molène® isotonic mineral water, which is patented, extracts of brown Fucus algae, Samphire, Centella and pink sand from Bora Bora… Transformed by the biotechnological processes that fully preserve their active ingredients.

La Rose des Sables develops its formulas in partnership with a cosmetology laboratory, which has always integrated an eco-design approach. It is made up of a team of experts who research and select active ingredients in order to create and develop unique treatments specifically for the beauty and well-being of the body.

La Rose des Sables therefore benefits from all the scientific expertise of a centre of excellence.

La Rose des Sables products are subject to tolerance and efficacy tests which guarantee the safety and quality of its products.

All of the products are pleasantly fragranced and the ranges are designed around 3 key themes: stimulation/ detox, regeneration and relaxation.

For each perfume, essential oils have been carefully selected for their benefits:

Aromatic citrus scents for stimulation/detox: cypress from Provence, rosemary, mastic tree resin, juniper berries...

Woody scents for regeneration: immortelle, camomile, frankincense, lavender, sage and sandalwood
Floral scents for relaxation: bergamot, lemon, rose, and immortelle



La Rose des Sables is a unique beauty range that is exclusively dedicated to preserving the youthfulness and beauty of the body, as well as its well-being.

It is to pamper yourself with the gentle caress of new textures.

It is simply to feel the natural freshness that is concealed between the sand and the sea, to nourish yourself with the verdant lushness of the plant world, to indulge yourself in the power of minerals or even to calm yourself in the transparent purity of the sea water...

It is to listen to your body and offer it the rituals that it deserves.